Estonia to Open Second Embassy in Africa in Kenya

The Republic of Estonia has announced plans to open an embassy in Kenya’s capital Nairobi in 2022. It will be the second Estonian embassy on the African continent with the first being the embassy of Estonia in Egypt operating since 2010.

According to news agency ERR, The plan for a new embassy was revealed in Estonia’s Regional Strategy for Africa 2020-2030. The goal according to Estonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to facilitate the continued representation of Estonia in the African Union, support Estonian diplomats in running for the European Union Foreign Service in Africa and to intensify the exchange of diplomats with other Member States and increase Estonia’s participation in civilian missions in Africa.

This is also a positive development for African students wishing to study in Estonia who now have another location on the continent to apply for travel visa and resident permits for studies in Estonia.

The list of Estonia Embassies currently used by students for travel applications are the embassies on Estonia in Egypt, India, Russia, Turkey and the UK.

Interested in studying in Estonia? Here’s what you need to know

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